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Mikari wilt scoren en we scoren met super low tarieven om te bellen naar het  buitenland.

Try us!

Quickly activate Mikari on your mobile and enjoy the many benefits immediately.

Mikari Calls Over The

But you have been doing that for a long time. Example of this is Whatsapp. There you and the person you wish to call must have internet access and the whatsapp app.
You cannot call all numbers

Mikari changes that!

You call with the Mikari App and you call via the internet,
But with us you can call to all numbers regardless of whether the person you are calling has a landline or is speaking to you over the internet.

MIKARI goes further, much further….

Activating Mikari
Is Really Fast

It all seems so technical, but it really is SO Simple!

It is arranged within a minute and you can call immediately!
Need help? We are at your service every hour of the day!

Click on Activate Mikari and follow the instructions.
If you would like to be helped, you can chat with us or send an email to

When Someone Calls You, You Earn Money

This is possible with a premium number at Mikari!

When people call the premium number, you or your organization earn money.

And even better:
The number is all over the world available!
Your number will be ready within 24 hours and YOU decide what you will be paid!
Determine immediately if the caller pays per minute or per call.
We think along!

Chat with us or send an email to

Mikari loves Free!

And it really is! Get a Free Srd 5.00 Top Up, Lucky Number Play for Free!

Your phone number is your Lot number.
Watch the best movies for free on QTV - an internet TV channel, free calls and much more!

Activate Mikari and enjoy all the benefits that come.
Call the whole world cheaply or earn money with the Premium numbers.

Let your acquaintance, family member or colleague quickly activate Mikari and call each other for free!

For more info chat or send an email to

Advantageous Rates
No tricks

Internet Calling, or Internet telephony, means nothing more than calling via the Internet.
For that you need a stable internet connection.
And including the data costs you are still profitable at Mikari!

Pay attention. Many companies offer a low rate and hidden costs such as starting rate and billing per minute are the most popular tricks! You end up paying double.
Mikari is honest about this. No surprises.

You can activate Mikari anywhere!
Also at the North Pole!

Mikari knows no boundaries.
You can use Mikari in any country, anywhere in the world.
Your calling credit is valid everywhere.

Why wait?
Activate your Mikari account and enjoy cheap calls,
take a gamble, watch a good movie or video call with your loved one!

Activate now.
Within a minute you are ready to call.

Call & Win

Lucky Number

The daily FREE Call & Win game from Mikari for Mikari users

Do you need more information? We are ready for you!

If you need support, you can reach our team as follows:

By email :
By phone: +597 401004
Via Whatsapp : +597 8429349
Chat: click the chat with us button

Mikari Headquarters Address

Fajalobistraat 11, Paramaribo, Suriname


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By phone: +597 401004
Via Whatsapp : +597 8429349

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